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The world of music is blessed with some of the finest musicians, artists, groups, innovators and voices in the world. Musical influences are felt in every music genre across all continents.

Here on Base Radio we are proud to play a variety of music from various genres and decades. Each week we are celebrating one artist/group.


You can read about the artists here and their contribution to music. This will include new artists, upcoming artists and the well established and forgotten artists.

We will have a focus on Bristol local talent and uk artists and groups.

Girl with Flat Rim


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Beats N Bobs charts a decade of music from Vice beats. Following his highly acclaimed  official J DIlla tribute “Dilla: The Timeless Tribute” in 2020 alongside a series of singles,  Vice beats returns with a selection of Hip Hop and soul grooves covering his many years  as a producer in a variety of forms. Documenting the years of 2005 - 2015, this project is  an unusual collection, highlighting artists from the UK and beyond. Beats N Bobs serves  as an introduction to a number of Vice beats’ long term collaborators, alongside features  from an amazing array of artists. The artwork features a stunning collage created by UK  based illustrator and singer Greg Blackman. Some of the standout tracks include the Giles  Peterson supported MC Replife, international beatbox champion Bass6 (of The Beatbox  Collective), and two of Vice’s belated friend Ty’s collaborators - Randolph Matthews and  ShortMAN. This is a feel good album, with 34 minutes of Soul and Jazz packed melodies  that will keep you’re heading nodding and minding guessing on the next sonic  soundscape. Released via Bandcamp as a free download and all streaming platforms,  Beats N Bobs marks a chapter in the talented and eclectic producer’s musical journey. 


Based in Bristol, Vice Beats is an independent producer, working as a solo artist and as a  collaborator with many artists from around the country under his own label imprint - EQ  Music. Vice Beats originally started as a poet, winning a national poetry award at 16 years  of age through Oxford University. His creativity led him to MCing and eventually music  production. Vice Beats turned his whole attention to his solo career in 2015 and has  received support from DJ Premier, Chuck D, BBC London, Soho Radio, and Itch FM  amongst others. He has collaborated with artists like Blu, Napoleon Da Legend, Pseudo  Slang, and Nutty P. His 2020 tribute to J Dilla reworked Miguel Atwood Ferguson's 'Suite  For Ma Dukes' in a creative reimagination of the classical versions of Dilla's music, and  saw artists from around the world collaborating in honour of Dilla. Using Logic Pro  alongside a wide range of instruments, he loves to work alongside musicians, creating live  loops and original compositions. In addition to formal releases, he creates music for TV,  and has been featured in 80 countries and counting. 


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