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The world of music is blessed with some of the finest musicians, artists, groups, innovators and voices in the world. Musical influences are felt in every music genre across all continents.

Here on Base Radio we are proud to play a variety of music from various genres and decades. Each week we are celebrating one artist/group.


You can read about the artists here and their contribution to music. This will include new artists, upcoming artists and the well established and forgotten artists.

We will have a focus on Bristol local talent and uk artists and groups.

Girl with Flat Rim


David Margam has become one of the top representatives of Smooth Jazz, Funk & Groove
From the Spanish scene today, a facet that he combines as a producer, arranger and composer.

Leader and Founder is part of FUNKDACION as a guitarist, one of the oldest and most representative bands of Spanish Funk, which is now celebrating its 26th anniversary.

Sergio Hidalgo has become one of the most prolific and promising producers on the Spanish music scene.
He has come to participate in many Spanish musical projects as a keyboard player and currently combines his work as a Sound Engineer and producer in different formations as a keyboard player accompanying Spanish artists of all kinds of musical genres.

Parallel World David's Pianosound
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