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Girl with Flat Rim

Jasi Bella

The emerging Swedish star’s debut single is a playful pop anthem with a vitally important message.

At a time when toxic relationship dynamics are on everyone’s mind, Jasi Bella has emerged with a poignant new single that addresses one of the laziest and most harmful stereotypes about women; the “crazy ex-girlfriend.” Based on a true story, the singer details a warning she received about her lover’s harmful behaviour. ‘Your Ex’ may be a radio ready hit, but more importantly, it is a reminder that all women should be believed.
“I want to kill the stereotype of all ex-girlfriends being jealous,” Jasi Bella says. “More often than not, they just want to look out for their sisters.”


Jasi is clearly a gifted storyteller, bringing her tale to life with sharply pointed humor. Bolstered by the work of producer Andrea Lepori (U2) and Andrea Negruzzo she has created the rare track that perfectly mixes pop appeal with social awareness. ‘Your Ex’ is a brilliantly composed tune that will speak directly to any woman who has been unfairly accused of being “crazy.”
‘Your Ex’ is available everywhere June 4, 2021


Instagram: @Jasi.Bella

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