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Community news and information

This page is focused on the community aspects of Bristol and in particular South Bristol. We will include interesting, relevant and factual information. This will include news, support, guidance and more.


Filwood  Fantastic!

Residents, workers and volunteers at Filwood Community Centre have been celebrating after securing a grant  of £200,000 for the area for the next three years.

The money will be used to creatively enhance both the centre – managed by Community in Partnership Knowle West – and the outside Broadway.

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The Cause is a community organization formed in 2020 based in the city of Bristol.

Made up of a team of like-minded individuals from different backgrounds with various assets, qualities,
skills, and life experiences, who all share a mutual passion for The Cause to promote Unity, Equality,
and Opportunity.

Aiming to create a community that works for everyone, striving to find effective solutions, and inspire
change for the future, through collaboration, regular discussion, and proactively challenging ongoing
underlying issues.

Read more about the Cause Bristol and sign up, using the link below.

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